Personal Insurance

To offer you the most accurate quote, please be prepared to give us the appropriate information. Including your personal information, year, make, model of vehicles & current coverages. 


PDM offers auto coverage through 40+ different carriers so you always get the best price.

On average, our agents can beat most companies prices up to 40%!

 Liability Coverage – This coverage protects you if you cause an accident on the road by covering the expense of damage to the other vehicle(s) and injuries and health treatment. It also covers court and legal fees that may results as well. It does not cover your automobile.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage takes care of everything liability coverage does, plus vehicle replacement or repairs to your vehicle if it’s damaged, stolen or in an accident. It can also cover glass damage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – This coverage protects you from drivers who don’t have proper insurance and can’t pay for the damage they have caused to you or your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Coverage – This coverage covers towing services if your car breaks down, as well as flat tire changes, fuel delivery, lock-out services and more. Additionally, we can often find discount opportunities for our clients, including:

  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Homeowner Discount
  • Good Student Discount
  • Distant Student Discount


Much like our auto coverages, PDM offers you over 40 different options to save you the MOST and provide you with the best coverage possible on your home.

PDM understands that your home is ONE OF your biggest investments, and we want to make sure you have the best coverages.

Homeowners – Homeowners insurance covers losses to your home and any possessions inside it. Purchasing homeowners insurance gives you the state of mind that losses caused by storms, fire, theft, and other events will be covered. It will also cover any lawsuits from injuries that might have occurred on your property

Renters – If you are a renter, just because your landlord has insurance doesn’t mean it covers your possessions or even protects you against any lawsuits because of accidents. If your property has been broken into and items were stolen, renters insurance will cover the costs. The same is true if your property is damaged by a fire or server weather. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your possessions are covered

Umbrella – An umbrella insurance policy supplements your existing general liability, auto liability, and employer’s liability limits. Sometimes accidents happen but are not covered by your existing business insurance programs. With Umbrella Insurance, you have coverage. If there is a huge accident and the damages are above the limits, we can cover you instead of paying out of pocket. 

Landlord – Landlord Insurance, which is also called a Dwelling Fire Policy, provides coverage for losses or injuries that are related to a property you own and rent or lease to a tenant. Type of covered losses includes damage to the building’s structure, such as accidental fire, lightning, explosions, and man-made perils – bursting of water tanks and pipelines or overflowing, leakages from water sprinkles, and so on.

It also covers loss of use of property, loss of rental income, and more.

Bike & TOy

PDM offers coverage on all your favorites: motorcycles, travel trailers, living quarters horse trailers, RV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, RZR’s, and more!


Life – Term life insurance provides you protection for a specific price over a specified period of time: usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Coverage expires without value at the end of the term, and you will need to either convert your policy to a permanent life insurance plan or purchase a new policy for a new term. Term life insurance pays out a specified lump sum to a beneficiary only if you die before the policy expires. Term life insurance is somewhat less expensive than permanent live insurance due to the drawback of having an expiration date.

Whole life – insurance provides protection throughout your lifetime as long as you continue to pay your premiums in full. Most whole life insurance policies build cash value for you to use for expenses later in life, like paying off a student loan or purchasing a new car. Cash value is an attractive part of many permanent life insurance plans.

Combine & Save

To save the most money, combining your home and autos can save you on average an additional 30%.