Farm, Agribusiness, Crop, & Equine Mortality/Major Medical Insurance

What we provide to you

At PDM Insurance, we know that farming & agribusiness operations aren’t just a hobby – they’re a livelihood. We also know that not any two ag operations are the same! Let us tailor coverage for your specific operation so that we can help to protect you from Mother Nature & other unforeseen accidents!

We cover all types of farming & agribusiness operations!

Equine Farms — including training, boarding, breeding, etc.

Cattle Farms — including beef, dairy, etc. swine & poultry confinement operations,

Fruit/Vegetable/Produce operations — including farmers markets, private sales, pick your own, etc.

Agritainment — corn maze, pick your own Pumpkin, etc.

Larger Agribusiness operations — grain storage, grain hauling, commercial farms, etc. and so much more, including hobby/gentleman farms!

We can offer you the proper general liability, product liability, dwelling coverage, outbuilding coverage, Farm equipment coverage, hay/feed/seed, etc., unlicensed farm vehicle liability & physical damage, ATV/UTV liability & physical damage, commercial farm auto, workers compensation, umbrella, and more!

We've got your crops covered

We can also offer you coverage on some of the different commodities that you’re growing through our Crop Insurance program!

Crop insurance protects your Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Apples, Peaches, etc. against multiple different losses due to natural causes. There are numerous different plan types & options that vary by state & county, so be sure to set up a meeting with us to discuss your options!

Protect Your horses

Do you have your beloved Equine partner covered in case of Death, Injury, Sickness, Theft, or Disease?

At PDM Insurance, we also offer unique Equine Mortality & Major Medical coverages to protect your four-legged partners against those instances! Equine Mortality coverage helps to cover the costs associated with their death that’s caused by a covered accident, injury, sickness, disease, or theft. Equine Major Medical coverage helps to cover the costs associated with any veterinary medical and/or surgical expenses as a result of a covered accident, injury, sickness, or disease. Also included with ALL Mortality policies is an Emergency Colic Surgery Endorsement that provides coverage up to a certain limit for those emergency expenses.